How To Resolve Content File Locked In Steam Error?

How to Resolve Content File Locked in Steam Error?

The Steam client is an indispensable gaming apparatus for gamers who rely on their PC for the best gaming experience, but every once in awhile a Steam error can spoil the experience. One such error is the content file locked in Steam error.

This error can arise when you are updating a game or while trying to open the game. What does the error mean? The error message means that Steam is unable to write the update files on the disk.

There are several possible causes of this issue such as the lack of privileges to Steam client, file corruption, bad sectors on the hard drive, antivirus software blocking some functions of the clients, and others. We have scoured the web on forums and discussions to gather the solutions that have helped resolve this error for users.

So, here goes the fix to take care of the Steam error.

Solutions for the Content File Locked in Steam Error

We have discussed the top solutions to resolve the error. Here are the solutions.

1. Run Steam as an Administrator

Most games and applications require admin privileges to function normally and access certain folders only accessible via the admin permission. However, by default no application is provided with the admin access on Windows, you have to provide this manually. As we investigated the issue we found that a large number of users were able to fix the error after they provided admin access to Steam. You can do this through the desktop client of Steam on your desktop.

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2. Relocate the Steam Client

As the nature of this issue is Steam being unable to write new game files on the disk, we suspect the problem could be with the location of the installed files. Several users were able to fix the issue by relocating the file to a new location. You can perform this step from the Steam client.

3. Run the Winsock Reset Command

Resetting the Winsock can fix the network errors that could be preventing the Steam client from downloading the game update normally. This is one of the most important solutions that has resolved the error for most users. The process for running this command is very simple. Open the Run window and type netshwinsock and hit enter. Once the process completes, you should try opening Steam and check if the Content File Locked in Steam error still appears. By now your error should have been resolved.

4. Repair Corrupt Files

Repairing the corrupt files in Steam is easy. If a game has an error, the Steam client will automatically suggest updating the game. But, before you do that check the corrupt files. You can do this by going to the Steam folder in the installed directory and navigating to logs. Once you have identified the errors, simply open Steam and it will suggest the update.

5. Set Exception on Antivirus

The antivirus software or the Windows Defender is supposed to protect your against malware attacks, but every once in awhile the software can mistake the Steam client as malware and block its essential functions like downloading updates and more. If this happens, you are likely to see the Steam content file locked error. Hence, you must set an exception for the Steam client on windows defender or the antivirus you are using.

To Conclude

If the Steam client has failed to install updates and you encounter the content file locked in Steam error, these solutions are your best bet. Most of the fixes we have suggested are easy enough for anyone to execute. We hope your error is resolved.

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